Why You Should Never Remove Asbestos Yourself

Five Reasons To Use An Expert

Dangers Of Removing Asbestos


Asbestos is one of the most dangerous fibers that are usually present in older homes. It poses serious health risks, thus, needs to be removed and disposed of by licensed professionals. Because of the dangers it causes and the nature it has, it is recommended that you hire a professional asbestos removal company to do the removal for you.

Asbestos was very popular in constructing houses and buildings. This is so because it has lots of features that are beneficial. It is strong, fire resistant, and has excellent insulating properties. But in 70s, it was potentially discovered that this material is detrimental and poses great health risks to those people exposed to it.

Asbestos Removals Services – Factors You Wish You Knew

Asbestos removal contractors are very capable of offering quality and reliable services such as:

  • Removal of asbestos including walls, roofing, and floors
  • Remove and dispose of all frameworks of structures like sheds
  • Asbestos encapsulation – the asbestos affected areas are being saturated by substances that bind and encase the asbestos fibers before heat radiating membrane will be applied for great durability
  • Full disposal for asbestos materials
  • Identify the different kinds of asbestos inside your home
  • Perform risks assessment before commencing any work


Hire Asbestos Removers

Because removal of asbestos is a very dangerous task, the professionals should be licensed. Strict procedures and rules should also be considered and followed in order to ensure those dangerous fibers aren’t released on air. Hiring the services of a qualified and licensed asbestos professional is one legal requirement especially is friable or loose material that contains asbestos is present in an area. An asbestos removals company needs to be licensed and registered under relevant legislations for your territory or state. Permits also needed before starting any works.

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Remove Asbestos Yourself – Shocking Dangers of Asbestos

Asbestos are very dangerous to your health. Thus, you should never remove asbestos yourself.

Dangers Of Asbestos In Buildings

There are lots of professional asbestos contractors that can do a better job in removing such materials in your home, office, or any building.

  1. There really is no safe level of exposure to asbestos fibers: Yes, this is particularly true to any situation related to asbestos. Well, if you plan on removing asbestos yourself, think again! You don’t have the necessary training and deeper knowledge about asbestos. On the other hand, asbestos removal company is equipped with the essential training, knowledge, and expertise in this field. They have a team that knows everything about asbestos, the DOS and DONTS. Additionally, they also have the appropriate materials, equipments, and other resources that offer absolute safety from asbestos. With their help, you are rest assured that you are not risking your health, your family’s health, and of course, the entire community.
  2. You can’t always observe needed safety precautions as you remove or work with asbestos. With this you are risking your family and yourself to long term health risks. That’s the last thing you would want to happen. Just so you know, asbestos causes serious health risks such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, lung cancer, and many more! You can never know for sure if you are doing the right method in removing asbestos. If it is disturbed, chance is it will release dangerous particles that contain asbestos fibers.
  3. You may be lacking experience. Another benefit of hiring a professional company is that they are trained for this type of job. They are competent in the different kinds of asbestos abatement. Are you? You never know for sure what will happen for one single mistake done. Therefore, hiring a professional is the best option for they are knowledgeable enough about the different safety measures that involved polyethylene sheeting, waste disposal of asbestos, HEPA filtration, and other related safety measures necessary for this work.
  4. Removal of asbestos required training and licenses. This is why, before you decide on removing the asbestos yourself, you should first consider the different essential factors. On the other hand, hiring a company will never need you to do that. Since removing asbestos is a very dangerous business, all asbestos abatement as well as removal workers are known for their professionalism. They have approved certification and training, thus better capable of doing the job.
  5. Works on asbestos containing materials which can result to high volume of fiber release are considered high risk. This requires licensed contractors. Imagine how you are exposing yourself to such dangerous materials.


What You Need to Know and What You Need to Do

Asbestos Exposure Decontamination Area

Asbestos related diseases kill more and more people than any other work related causes. All kinds of asbestos are hazardous if disturbed. The dangers arise when asbestos fibers become airborne. Breathing such asbestos dusts can ultimately cause serious damages to lungs and can even cause deadly cancer. You entire family can be easily affected by such invisible asbestos dusts; your health may be at great risks too.

Thus, the law states that anyone who is responsible for repair and maintenance of an industrial or commercial property has a responsibility and duty of identifying asbestos in their premises as well as manage the risks.

You should consider these key issues:

  • Identifying asbestos risks
  • Licensed works with asbestos
  • Other works related to asbestos
  • Waste disposal or management of asbestos
  • Training and instructions

All these factors are essential not just to those who work for the maintenance and management of asbestos but for the commoners as well. You in particular should ensure that your home is safe from asbestos. You can achieve this by hiring the services of a professional asbestos company or contractors.

Removing asbestos yourself, though possible, is not advisable. There are actually lots of reasons for that. So, if you think that you and your family may be exposed to such material, make sure that you seek advice from the professional experts in this field. It’s good to be aware about asbestos and the dangers that it can cause.

To Find our more you can download the PDF guide from the Australian Health Department here.